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Let everyone enter the new journey and work goals in 2020.
Shenzhen T-ONE Precision Machinery Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer of cnc machining parts. The main materials we can process are aluminum, iron, stainless steel, copper, brass, ABS, etc. Under the leadership of General Manager Wu Minghui, in order to thank the business and technical staff for their hard
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Can alloy products be vacuum plated?
Summary of reasons why alloys are not suitable for vacuum plating in vacuum furnaces:1. Because the alloy object is not resistant to high temperature (usually the temperature in the vacuum furnace is as high as 200 ° C), the alloy vacuum plating starts to foam after 110 ° C; affecting the appearance
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Why helical gears are used in the manufacture of reducer?
The main disadvantage of spur gears is that they generate vibration. Whether it is due to design, manufacture or deformation reasons, at the same time along the entire tooth surface may occur some changes in the shape of the involute. This will lead to a regular stimulus per tooth, which is usually
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Comparison of cylinder usage
Pneumatic and electrical systems are not mutually exclusive. On the contrary, this is only a matter of different requirements. The advantages of pneumatic actuators are obvious. When faced with harsh environmental conditions such as dust, grease, water or detergent. Pneumatic actuators are more suit
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What is different between g71 and g73 in cnc turning?
IThe time of programming in the concave of R15 is the same. If you use G71, you set the U cutting depth. If it is larger than the X direction of your R15 concave, it should be able to processed. For example, suppose you R15 groove The depth is 2MM. The depth of cut you set is 3MM. That is the abilit
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What are the problems in the aluminum alloy dyeing process?
What are the problems in the aluminum alloy dyeing process?During aluminum alloy surface dyeing process. Many problems often arise. For example, there is no staining or color difference. Problems are always caused by many reasons. If we are to list them one by one, it is estimated that a book may no
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What are the causes of collisions in CNC turning centers?
When making CNC workpieces. Frequently encountered problems with machine collisions. This not only affects processing efficiency. And it may damage the workpiece. It is easier to form personal events. So what is the cause of the collision at the CNC turning center?(1) Knife compensation input error
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Sewing machine cleaning method
(1) Cleaning the feed dog: Remove the screw between the needle plate and the feed dog. Remove hair and dust and add a small amount of sewing oil.(2) Shuttle bed cleaning: The shuttle bed is the core of the sewing machine work. It is also the most prone to failure. Therefore, it is necessary to remov
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Mould introduction
In industrial production, various molds and tools are obtained through injection, blow molding, extrusion, die casting or forging, melting and stamping. In short, a mold is a tool used to make a shaped object. The tool consists of various parts, and different molds consist of different parts. It rea
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