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Sewing machine cleaning method
(1) Cleaning the feed dog: Remove the screw between the needle plate and the feed dog. Remove hair and dust and add a small amount of sewing oil.(2) Shuttle bed cleaning: The shuttle bed is the core of the sewing machine work. It is also the most prone to failure. Therefore, it is necessary to remov
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What are the causes of collisions in CNC turning centers?
When making CNC workpieces. Frequently encountered problems with machine collisions. This not only affects processing efficiency. And it may damage the workpiece. It is easier to form personal events. So what is the cause of the collision at the CNC turning center?(1) Knife compensation input error
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Comparison of cylinder usage
Pneumatic and electrical systems are not mutually exclusive. On the contrary, this is only a matter of different requirements. The advantages of pneumatic actuators are obvious. When faced with harsh environmental conditions such as dust, grease, water or detergent. Pneumatic actuators are more suit
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Automotive mold overview
The main component of automotive molds is panel molds. This type of mold is mainly a cold stamping die. In a broad sense. "Automotive mold" is a general term for molds used to make all parts of a car. For example, stamping dies, casting wax dies, glass dies, and the like.The stamping parts of the bo
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Common fixture materials
These raw materials are used to make fixtures and fixtures. But different raw materials have different uses. Each material has different characteristics. Follow me for a general understanding of the use of each raw material.1. A3, 45, raw materials are cheap. Usually used for motherboards without au
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What is the impact of CNC machining on parts?
We will introduce you to the effect of roughing of CNC parts on the part.1. Affect the wear resistance: the rougher the processing surface of CNC products. The smaller the effective contact area between the mating surfaces. The greater the pressure, the greater the impact resistance and the faster t
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How to reduce the scrap rate in CNC turning?
How to reduce the scrap rate in CNC turning?How to reduce the scrap rate in CNC turning? The following is an understanding of CNC machining of precision workpieces. Help you.In the precision machining process, the design of the workpiece should be correct. During the design process, it should be stu
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CNC machine tool coordinate direction discrimination rule
In order to simplify the way of CNC programming and ensure the exchange of recorded data. There are long-standing standards in the world to name the coordinates and targets of CNC machines. In 1982, China formulated JB3051-82 "Nomenclature of CNC Machine Tool Coordinates and Moving Targets".In the u
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When to settle on Spring Clamp in CNC edge
Three-jaw electrical chuck is that the customary work clamping device for many shaper users. This chuck has enough skillfulness and may be utilized in many turning processes. But, it's not a decent fixture for all process tasks. Spring chuck may be a quite spare work clamping device. Just like claw
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