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5-axis CNC Machining

What is 5-axis CNC machining?

The 5-axis CNC machining center can also be called 5-axis linkage machining center. This type of machining has five coordinate motion axes. That is, two rotational motion coordinate axes and three linear motion coordinate axes. The five-axis machining center is more suitable for complex machining, multi-process and high precision. And many types of ordinary machine tools and many tools and fixtures.

And can be processed after many clamping and processing. The 5-axis CNC machining center has a huge impact on the national core industry. National core industries such as aerospace, military, scientific research. and medical machinery have a decisive influence.

Why use 5-Axis Machining?

  • 1. Suitable for processing complex shaped parts
    The five-axis machining center can process parts that are complex. difficult to realize or cannot be processed by ordinary machining centers. So he is widely used in aerospace, shipbuilding, mold and other processing industries.
  • 2. High processing accuracy
    The five-axis machining center can complete the material size analysis through five-axis positioning processing. So that the accuracy of the five-axis vertical machining center is higher than that of the ordinary machining center.
  • 3. Good flexibility
    When the processing object changes, it is usually necessary to change the CNC sequence and show good adaptability to save production preparation time. Basically, a five-axis machining center can form a more flexible automated manufacturing system.
  • 4. The processing is stable and reliable
    It is controlled by computer to eliminate human error, the processing consistency of parts is good, and the quality is stable and reliable.
  • 5. Good production conditions
    The high level of machine tool automation greatly reduces the operator's work intensity and the working environment is good.
  • 6. Easy to manage
    The use of a five-axis machining center helps to master and control the production of computers and creates conditions for the automation of the production process.

What are the Axes in 5-Axis?

The five axes of the five-axis linkage machine tool are: divided into three axes of X, Y, and Z according to the spatial coordinates, and the A axis is rotated around the X axis, and the B and C axes are rotated around the X and Y axes separately. , The five-axis minor refers to the five axes of XYZBC.

5-axis cnc video:

The five-axis machining center has attracted the attention of countries all over the world due to its flexible automation performance, excellent and stable accuracy, agility and diversity, and has become the core technology of advanced manufacturing technology. On the other hand, through continuous research, in-depth application of information technology to the five-axis machining center is further promoted. The five-axis machining center is an important basic equipment in the machine tool manufacturing industry, and its development has always attracted people's attention.

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